Roll Up Your Sleeves

Construction Industry COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

Union Construction Knows Safety

No one understands the importance of safety like the union construction industry. Safety is the first priority and greatest responsibility of every union-signatory contractor and our trade union partners. Now, it matters more than ever.

A recent study found construction workers to be among the least likely to seek vaccination. Let’s change that. With the new vaccine comes many new questions, and it’s easy for misinformation to spread quickly. We must empower our workforce with the right information about the COVID-19 vaccine. Informing and educating employees will help them make the best decision for themselves, their families, and the communities we work in every day. This website helps provide trusted, reliable, science-based information and resources to help construction employers, unions and workers understand the COVID-19 vaccine.

California Is Relying On Us

We are in this together.  Our industry supports the vital infrastructure that keeps our communities safe and working: roads, bridges, highways, transit, water, sewer, utilities, hospitals, schools, affordable housing, and more. We are the backbone of California’s infrastructure and our state’s economy. Together, let’s roll up our sleeves and stop the pandemic.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Is a Safe & Effective Tool To Stop the Pandemic and Protect Workers and Jobsites. 

Roll Up Your Sleeves

The responsibility to keep our workers, jobsites, and communities safe starts at the top and ends with every worker on every jobsite. When we are informed, we are empowered. Let’s roll up our sleeves to end the pandemic.