Union Construction Resources

Trade Unions are the most trusted source of information for construction field workers. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, unions have worked hard to keep their members working safely across the state. As the vaccines roll out, unions will continue to play a critical role in protecting and educating workers.

Trade Unions help protect their members, communities, and jobsites.

Here Are Some Ways Union Representatives Are Increasing Vaccination Information Across the Industry:

  • Providing the expertise and resources necessary to supplement the health and safety training of every craft worker. 
  • Developing and assist in the implementation of specific COVID-19 vaccination safety and educational materials.
  • Sending representatives to job sites to educate, communicate and listen to worker concerns about the vaccine while working collaboratively with the contractor on potential solutions.
  • Articulating the needs of the workers and their families when policies are being considered by governments or agencies that impact members’ employment, finances, and futures. 

Additional Resources for the Union Workforce: