Field Leader Support

The union construction industry’s number one value is safety. Every worker on every job has a responsibility to operate as safely as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The most important people to ensure this are the superintendents and foremen. Field leaders are in charge of safety on every job every day and play an essential role in helping empower workers with accurate COVID-19 vaccination information.  Make sure your crews know that vaccines are a critical tool to protect every worker and help stop the pandemic.

Guidelines for field leaders in the industry:

  • Remember that you are setting the tone for everyone on the job. Respect workers concerns and questions.
  • It is normal for people to have questions or be hesitant about the vaccine. Many people on and off the job are not taking the proper steps to protect themselves and their families because they don’t understand or have been given false or misleading information. If you get questions, share the facts. All information on this website is fact-based.
  • Helping to provide fact-based information may save someone’s life, like that of their parent, grandparent, or child.
  • Remember that our industry’s number #1 priority is safety.

Field Leader Resources: